About Us

  • KaTay Technologies is a one of the sister companies of Ayeyarwaddy Group Co., Ltd that is established since 2004 for the support of technologies and international business groups based on international trade, it is one of Myanmar's leading Internet-based ventures.
  • KaTay Technologies is a Myanmar’s leading cash flow solution provider and online marketplace for invoice receivables by using the platform for both MSMEs businesses and huge businesses in Myanmar. KaTay Technologies is one of the solutions for cash flow liquidity for all businesses and secure & predictable investment for investors.
  • KaTay Technologies is offering investors a unique opportunity to make low-risk and high-returns investments. The alternative short-term investment product enables investors to invest in a brand-new asset class and get above market returns at minimal risk in a short time span.
  • KaTay empowers Myanmar-based business owners and operators and helps them thrive amidst the economic challenges and rising competition found in Southeast Asia's newest frontier market.

Our Vision, Mission, Culture And Core Values



KaTay Technologies purpose to provide liquidity for both SMEs and all businesses by using online platform and technology and to be a leading venture to provide an enabling innovate digital economy ecosystem.


To help all Myanmar MSMEs businesses and all businesses for cash flow liquidity by using digital technology and aim to become a best place to invest for investors and shareholders with low risk and high opportunities.



Core Value

KaTay Financial Technologies has a set of three values which operate as a system, reflecting and shaping our behaviors and organizational culture. They are Innovation, Integration, social impact.

  • KaTay FinTech, Innovation is defined as our core values because we embrace changes and innovation to help our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves. We relentlessly pursue transformational change solutions to develop our work and our MSMEs. We have a strong commitment to technologies and business model innovation and excellence. Our innovative business models will support the highly innovative business solutions required to transform our client possibilities into realities.

  • KaTay FinTech, Integrity is defined in our core values as high standards for performance, and we are committed to doing what is right. We deliver the best possible results for our clients and take pride in our work built on quality and integrity. All other cross platforms and businesses are welcome. KaTay FinTech gains its competitive advantages through strong performance, ethical, professional business practices. We expected to build and maintain a strong relationship with the client and business partners.

  • We care for each other, our clients, and communities – understanding that empathy make us stronger. We are transforming and technologically accelerating the financial industry through generating financial inclusion as we pursue social impact goals. Our business model is inclusiveness approach as facilitator of seven of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs), among which are the end of poverty, decent work and growth, zero hunger, reduction of inequalities and health and wellness.