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Cash Management Service

What is Cash Management Service?

Another one of the additional services for KaTay Fin-Tech is Cash Collection Service. KaTay will provide Cash Collection Service for all businesses in Myanmar that is selling with cash down payment for their delivered goods to retail shops and distributors. Our collectors will collect the payments from retailers and distributors and then arrange the payment for sellers. Cash management services provide solutions in the form of financial products to cater to these problems in an efficient, speedy and safe manner.

Benefit of Cash Management Solutions

All businesses can get the many benefits by using the cash management solutions. They don’t need to arrange the collection teams for every shops, every regions and they just need only need to give the list to KaTay.Every sectors, every companies can use the collection service such as food & beverage distributors, electronics companies, logistics companies, aggregators, insurance companies to brick and mortar retailers and etc.

Reduction the collection cost

Available for all regions

Available for all sectors

Can availably cash for payments

Quicker fund realization

Cash Pick-up Service and Doorstep banking

Commission for agents

Monthly income

Easy to use the application

Cash Collection Process